Hot Tub: Can One Get Pregnant from Semen in a Hot Tub?

Question: Can one get pregnant from semen in a hot tub?
VERY weird question i know. but i was just wondering because my friend recently had “happy time” in his hot tub and i dont want my girlfriend to go in. i understand that this is very weird but i dont want my girlfriend to get pregnant from it. How long does the sperm last? Does it go away? I dont want to go in the hot tub either but i dont want to tell her the reason until i know if its okay or not.

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Answer by Mary Kontrarry
1) No. How silly.
2) It gets boiled immediately.
3) The filter will take the boiled sperm away, yes.


Answer by Arianna’s Mommy <3
Absolutely not. They’d only live a few seconds at the most because the chemicals would kill them almost instantly. Plus, sperm cannot live outside of the penis OR vagina for more than a few seconds anyway. Take some sex ed kiddo!

Answer by Hobo
Nope – he’s got to go off in her to get her pregnant. you could always drain the tub and fill back up if you didn’t want it floating around while you are in the tub.

Answer by Dan H
It would be extremely unlikely.

The hot tub is too hot for sperm to live long for one thing. For another, the hot tub has chlorine/Bromine in it and that would kill the sperm. Beyond that, the sperm would have to find it’s way into the vagina while it’s still alive and it’s only going to be viable for a few minutes at best.

Answer by Rofl Copter
Yes, everyone in the hot tub will become pregnant

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